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Section 6 — The Final Test: Does Your Plan Pass All Your Wealth — Intact — To Your Family?

One of the problems with traditional estate planning is that there is no way to know that your Plan is done and more importantly, done right.

On the other hand, your Wealth Transfer Plan can be proved to be done — and right — because you can compare the final results to these apple-to-apple standards: After your Plan is done, you must be able to answer — ‘Yes’ to all of the following questions:

  1. Does the Plan accomplish all of your goals?
  2. Is the Plan flexible, so you can change it if circumstances change?
  3. During your life do you have total control of all the assets you want to control?
  4. During your life and after your death are your assets protected from creditors, potential plaintiffs and ex-spouses who divorce a family member?
  5. After your death, does your Plan get all of your wealth — every dime of it — to your family?… Or even better, does your Plan actually increase the wealth your family will receive… tax-free?

IS YOUR ESTATE PLAN ALREADY DONE?… Ask and answer the same five questions. If you don’t get a ‘Yes’ to all of them, your Estate Plan is not giving you the full results the law allows you to enjoy. For your family’s sake: Get a second opinion.

One More Thing You Should Know — Never Do Piecemeal Planning

Maybe there is a second secret to getting your Wealth Transfer Plan done right:

Never, but never do piecemeal planning.

Stated positively you should do all of your planning at one time:

  1. Planning For You. Typically you should have three lifetime Plans: (1) a Wealth Transfer Plan, (2) a Business Transfer Plan, and (3) a Retirement Plan. These three plans must dovetail with your Estate Plan (death plan). All Plans must be implemented at the same time.
  2. Planning For Your Family. Plans required for your Mom and Dad, children, grandchildren (or other family members) should be dovetailed with your other Plans.

Piecemeal planning enriches the IRS.


Even when properly done, Wealth Transfer Planning — because you and your family keep getting older and circumstances change — is never quite done. It is an ongoing process, a process that should start today and continue — especially for larger estates — until you draw your last breath.


Harry Rich, a 60-year old business owner (a client from Dallas) and his 58-year old wife Nancy are worth $9 million.

Their estate plan had just been completed by the “best” lawyer in the county who assured them that there was no way to reduce their estate tax burden below $3 million.

Simply put, Harry and Nancy were worth only $6 million, after taxes. On the advice of his accountant, Harry called us for a second opinion. A week later, we received a mound of financial information and documents. We reviewed them.

Here are The Strategies we used to upgrade a typical traditional estate plan to a Wealth Transfer Plan:

  1. A IDT — using nonvoting stock — to transfer Harry’s business to his two business kids.
  2. A SUBTRUST to buy $3 million of second-to-die life insurance.
  3. A FLIP — coupled with an annual gifting program of the limited partnership interests to all the grandchildren and the one non-business child for the other assets.

Harry will keep control of all of his assets for as long as he lives.

Now the dollar results: The total wealth Harry and Nancy will transfer to their family will exceed $11 million. The Plan does more than transfer ALL of their wealth ($9 million) — intact. It creates an additional $ 2 million of tax-free wealth.

As far as we know, no other single advisor, or single professional office or group gives you the wealth transfer results produced by The System. This tutorial is a good start toward teaching you how you too can easily achieve the same results so many others have achieved.

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