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Continuing Your Education — The Road to Tax Heaven Is Paved with Knowledge

Irv Blackman has written a Special Report — titled, “Insider Secrets of How to Win the Estate Tax/Business Succession Game…Every Time” — to supplement what you have learned in this tutorial. The Report continues your education.

But first, we must admit that The System and the Special Report are not for everyone. If you can’t envision being caught in the estate tax trap (your wealth does not now or will never exceed $2 million), you don’t need The System or the Report. Yet, the larger your estate, the greater your need to preserve and protect your wealth for your family.

Also, you’ll have to make a commitment of time:

  1. To accumulate and copy specific financial data and documents.
  2. To set your goals for yourself, your family and your business.
  3. To use The System to create and implement your Wealth Transfer Plan.

How much time must you commit?… Based on years of experience, from a low of 4 hours to a high of 12 hours — most in 15-minute to 1-hour sessions on the phone — spread over 2 to 5 months. Remember, The System is not designed to do piecemeal planning. So, you’ve got to jump into the pool; dipping your toe into the water is only a waste.

Our bet is you’ll look forward to each and every step of the process. Why?… Because The System is easy to use and follow. Once you get started and see the immediate progress, your initial trepidation will turn into a fun and very profitable experience. .

Best of all, the entire process causes you to focus on your special and unique wealth transfer problems. Solve them. And remove — forever — the uncertainty you have had about wealth transfer.

So make the time commitment — to keep the IRS out of your wealth, protect your family and business, and protect your assets from others.

If you’re ready to learn more — here’s our risk-free offer:


Purchase the Special Report, “”Insider Secrets of How to Win the Estate Tax/Business Succession Game…Every Time” for just $29.77. You’ll learn how The System is used in real life to do a Wealth Transfer Plan… From start… To finish.

The Report will probably answer all of the questions, you wanted to ask while reading this tutorial.

You’ll see how a Wealth Transfer Plan—using The System—was created for a real-life wealthy business owner. The Plan actually creates more after-tax wealth than the client had to start with. You’ll be amazed how easily the client’s every goal was accomplished. And quickly too.

If the Report does not answer every question you have, you’ll find Irv Blackman’s private phone number in the Report. Just call Irv. He’ll be glad to answer your questions.

As soon as you order the Special Report you can immediately download two Bonuses that are perfect companions to accompany the Report.

Bonus #1…

Is titled, “YES, The Size of Your Wealth Counts — An Insider’s Wealth Transfer Checklist.” It is the same checklist we use in our practice for every consulting client. It was designed to make sure high-net worth individuals (or their professionals) don’t miss any opportunity to save tax dollars.

And Bonus #2…

An often-asked question is, “Irv, does The System work for the little guy?” “Absolutely,” is the answer.

The core Strategies used in the little-guy case studies are the basics for all taxpayers, no matter how wealthy they may be. These basics are the bedrock of every Wealth Transfer Plan, whether you are worth $2 million or $100 million.

Bonus #2 is titled, “Yes, The System Works for the Little Guy.” How is the term “little guy” defined?… any single individual who is worth $1 million (or less) or $2 million (or less) if married.

You will relish the examples that show you exactly what to do and not to do whether or not you own a business.

  • “Like a surgeon, Irv Blackman cuts away all that could hurt you in the tax law. Then, he sews together the good stuff that’s left into a strong tax-saving and wealth-preserving fabric.”
    Bruce Hersh, A Buffalo Grove, Illinois Consultant

Most clients ask, “How much estate tax will The System save me?”

Obviously, the answer depends on the amount of your wealth. The following chart gives you an idea in dollars of what The System and the Report is designed to save you and your family:

(1) (2) (3)
Your NetWorth (Wealth)* ApproximateTax Cost* [(1) minus (2)]Your Real After-tax Wealth
$ 5  Million
$ 1 .5 Million
$ 3 .5 Million

*Using The System Column (1) shows the amount of wealth your family will receive, all taxes… if any, paid in full.

Column (2) is the amount of taxes you could lose to the IRS, if you don’t use The System, producing the sad after-tax result in Column (3).

Stop for a moment! Write down the dollar amount of your wealth that could be lost to the IRS? The System and Report show you how to design a Plan to keep “Your Wealth” — all of it — where it belongs: in your family’s pockets.

You’ll learn how to pinpoint your objectives and to select The Right Strategies.

To start building your very own Family Wealth Protection Fortress, complete the order form right now (click Here). Then, you can immediately download the Report.

Within the next few minutes you could be reading and starting your own Wealth-Saving and Wealth-Creation Plans.

My marketing consultant reviewed the Report and the two Bonuses and asked me, “Why such a low price for such valuable information?” Two reasons: (1) The cost-saving advantages of downloading and (2) of greater importance, we want to make sure it’s a “no brainer” decision for everyone who has a wealth transfer problem.

Finally, since you may still be skeptical that The System, the Report and the two Bonuses can do everything we’ve told you they will do, it is only fair that we assume the entire risk by giving you…

An iron-clad 90-Day Guarantee! Read, study and use the Report and Bonuses. If you aren’t fully convinced they do everything we’ve described here, just let us know, and we’ll immediately refund your full $29.77. No questions asked.

Worst case. You’ll get a real education of how other wealthy individuals are doing their Wealth Transfer Plans. Chances are, you’ll learn how to legally keep millions of dollars out of the tax collector’s pocket and in your family’s pockets.

Don’t wait. Take a minute now to complete the order form. (Click Here). Get started on creating your Wealth Transfer Plan that will keep every penny you worked so hard to earn in your family’s pocket, instead of losing it to the IRS.

Untaxingly yours,

Irving L. Blackman

President, ILB Enterprises, Inc.

P.S. You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating your wealth. Don’t let the IRS prevent your family from enjoying it… all of it. Instead, join the growing number of wealthy individuals who have learned how to build a Wealth Transfer Plan that preserves and protects their wealth.

The System, the Report and the Bonuses show you how.

We guarantee it.

If you are not totally delighted with the results (you are the sole judge), just let us know within 90 days. Your $29.77 will be refunded immediately. But you must act quickly. We can only guarantee to hold the $29.77 price for the next 24 hours.

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A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION – A message from Irv Blackman…

My colleagues did not want me to write this long tutorial for the website revealing so much valuable information for free.

But I insisted. The full message could not be delivered in a short tutorial. I tried, but couldn’t do it. The more I worked on the tutorial, the more it became obvious that a long tutorial is necessary to tell the story of The System, which includes The Strategies.

My theory is simple: Once you, the reader, discover the power of what The System can do for you, you will want to learn even more. Or even better: Can’t wait to consult with Irv.

I’ve got a little wager going with my colleagues. Would appreciate your feedback. An e-mail (irv@irvblackman.com) would be just fine.

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