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special-reportThis special report explains how you can use The System that my professional network and I use to eliminate the estate tax of our clients and allow them to transfer the ownership of their assets to the next generation while keeping full control of them.

It is the quick way of benefitting from the strategies in the Tax Secrets of The Wealthy “manual,” which details all 23 strategies of The System.

In short, the strategies allow you to completely the avoid estate tax and move your entire wealth and all assets—down to the last cent—to the next generation without losing any of it to the IRS. You can remain in absolute control of your business (and other assets) for your entire life even after your kids, key employees, or others own it.

If you find that you won’t achieve these goals (or you just don’t like the report for another reason), you will get a full refund. Just send me an email within 90 days. If you want the refund, I am curious to hear what your situation is because The System always has a solution.

But you don’t have to answer any questions; you will get the immediate refund no matter what, and I will never contact you with any questions about it, so you can choose not to satisfy my curiosity with any explanation.

If (and hopefully when), however, you find that The System is the solution that allows you to reach all your tax goals and want the full manual (2-inches thick printed book) with all details and case studies, you can get it with a $100 discount.

This special report is a great place to start. You will see how The System works to solve all your tax issues.

You will also receive two bonus reports:

  • Yes, the Size of Your Wealth Counts — An Insider’s Wealth Transfer Checklist
  • Yes, the System Works for the Little Guy

You will get the special report and the bonus reports immediately to your email inbox. You can read them today and start creating your wealth-creating and wealth-saving plans tomorrow.

“Incredible! My lawyers said it couldn’t be done, but I learned how to transfer my business [to my son] tax-free, yet keep control for as long as I live.”

—C.D., Illinois

“I thought my estate plan was done. My advisors had reduced my potential estate tax from $5 million to $3.5 million. Irv Blackman and his team of professionals brought tax liability down to zero.”

—H.G., Pennsylvania

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