Tax Relief Results


What people say about the results

“I thought my estate plan was done. My advisors had reduced my potential estate tax from $5 million to $3.5 million. Irv Blackman and his team of professionals brought tax liability down to zero.

—H.G., Pennsylvania

“Never thought it could be done! I control my business, but my son owns it, and no capital gains tax.”

—B.M., Memphis

At first, I found it hard to believe. You [Irv Blackman and his Network lawyer] showed me how to give $1.6 million to charity without any cost to me or my family. Even my conservative lawyer approved.

—T.R., Dallas

“Just imagine, my charitable remainder trust not only killed the capital gains tax [on a $1.25 million profit] and eliminated the estate tax, but the IRS sent me a check for $165,000 [actually a reduction of the current income tax because of the charitable deduction]. Now my wife and I get a regular check from the trust every quarter. Thank you, Irv Blackman.”

—F.S., Illinois

“Like a surgeon, Irv Blackman cuts away all that could hurt you in the tax law. Then, he sews together the good stuff that’s left into a strong tax-saving and wealth-preserving fabric.”

—Bruce Hersh, consultant, Illinois

“Originally, Tax Secrets of the Wealthy was developed as a do-it-yourself manual for consumers. However, it has been primarily purchased by professional advisors—who rave about its unique approach. It is written in a non-technical manner, so the client can benefit from the material as well.”

—Edwin P. Morrow, executive editor of “Financial Services Advisor”

“Irv Blackman has not only found the Holy Grail of Estate Planning, but he explains every concept and critical point in easy-to-understand everyday language.”

—Al Kovitz, lawyer, Illinois

“Could have used your book before dad died. But Tax Secrets of the Wealthy showed my advisors how to save almost $4 million by making the right changes in my mother’s estate.”

—K.N., Kansas

“Most tax books and websites explore one good idea or attempt to solve one problem area. My family and business enterprises had multiple problems. Tax Secrets of the Wealthy discovered every problem and offered workable solutions. After some help from Irv Blackman, we will transfer my wealth [of $32 million] to my kids without any shrinkage for taxes.”

—E.H., Wisconsin

“Irv Blackman’s book Tax Secrets of the Wealthy should be renamed The Tax-Saving Bible. It showed me chapter and verse exactly how to transfer my business to my son [who works with me in the business] and still treat my two nonbusiness children fairly—all without paying one cent in taxes.”

—A.K., Oregon

“I was venting my frustration to a friend after six meetings [with tax advisors] trying to plan my mom’s and dad’s estate. Without saying a word my friend went to his car, returned and triumphantly placed Tax Secrets of the Wealthy on my desk. He said, ‘Read this.’ I did. Two meetings later (using a combination of strategies from the book), we completed my parents’ estate plan. Even after making large gifts to charity, us kids [four grown children] will wind up with more dollar value than our folks are worth today. Seems like a miracle.”

—G.K., Connecticut

“The most profitable investment [buying Tax Secrets of the Wealthy] I ever made. The book saved our family $3 million in various taxes and showed us how to give over $1 million to different charities without reducing our heir’s inheritance.”

—R.C., Florida

“At last, a clear estate tax roadmap that puts you, instead of the IRS, in control.”

—S.M., Alabama

“My estate plan, which was redone after reading and implementing the wisdom in Tax Secrets of The Wealthy, does more than beat taxes. My plan actually creates additional wealth [from $9 million to $11 million] for my family.”

—M.B., Missouri

“The book is nothing less than a series of tax miracles. Must reading for all those with an estate tax problem and their advisors.”

—P.S., Maine

“Incredible! My lawyers said it couldn’t be done, but I learned how to transfer my business [to his son] tax-free, yet keep control for as long as I live.

—C.D., Illinois

“I always screamed about changing the estate tax law. Now that I’ve read Tax Secrets of The Wealthy I would be happy if the law never changed.”

—L.C., Georgia

“Refreshing! A book on a technical subject that’s easy to read. Almost makes eliminating the estate tax a simple task.”

—J.M., Iowa

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