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How to TRANSFER Your Business (to Your Kids), Yet Keep CONTROL

Save ~$190,000 for every million your business is worth

Nelson Rockefeller said, “Own nothing, but control everything.”

When closely held business owners call me for help with their business succession plan, they typically have two goals:

  1.  Get their business out of their estate in a tax effective manner.
  2.  Keep control for as long as they live.

It is rare to find an advisor who knows how to accomplish both goals. Here is what most business owners do:

  1. Sell 49% of the business and keep 51% to maintain control.
  2. Sell 100% and pay tax on the profit and have no control.
  3. Do nothing, so death forces the issue on the family (which pays unnecessary legal expenses and taxes or can even lose the business).

In this Special Report you’ll learn:

  • How to use voting and nonvoting stock to transfer 99% and keep 1% (or less), yet maintain absolute control.
  • How to make your transfer—really a sale—of the 99% tax free: no capital gains tax, no income tax, no estate tax.
  • How to discount the price of your business for tax purposes 30-40% and have the IRS agree.
  • How to save about $190,000 in taxes for each $1 million your business is worth.
  • How to make sure your children’s spouses don’t end up owning a piece of your family business if they get a divorce.

The Special Report also identifies other typical issues/problems/concerns that you, your business, or family may face and gives you practical solutions.

I’ve worked as a CPA and lawyer for over 50 years focusing in succession planning and estate planning. This Special Report walks you through the maze of problems that faces every business owner who wants to pass the baton to the next generation.

If you are ready to finally solve your business transfer and control problems, read this Special Report now.