Estate Planning

Estate Planning Special Report

How to Legally
Eliminate Your Estate Tax Liability


  • How to create a comprehensive plan that eliminates the estate tax.
  • How to remove the largest assets—including your business—from your estate for estate tax purposes, yet retain control of the assets.
  • How to transfer your business to your kids tax-free: no capital gains tax, no income tax, no estate tax.
  • How to avoid the double tax on your qualified plan funds, for example, your 401(k), IRA, and profit sharing plans.
  • How to discount significant assets—your business, stock portfolio, real estate, and even your residences—from 30% to as much as 40%, and have the IRS agree.


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The Special Report also identifies other typical issues/problems/concerns that you, your business, or family may face, and then gives you practical solutions.

I’ve worked as a CPA and lawyer for over 50 years focusing in estate planning and business succession. This Special Report walks you through the maze of problems that every person of means must face and then shows you step-by-step how to properly plan your estate to conquer the estate tax monster.

The Special Report is a compilation of real-life estate planning solutions used by my network of estate planning experts to create a unique, comprehensive plan for each client.

If you want to solve all of your estate planning problems, download the Special Report now.