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Join Irv’s Crusade to (Avoid the Impact of the Estate Tax..Legally)

Do you think the estate tax might go bye—bye again (be repealed)? Let’s face it, that is not likely(because of the huge budget deficits and a host of political reasons) in the near future. Even if the the Republicans—by some miracle—could pull off an estate tax repeal, the Democrats would simply reincarnate the tax when given the opportunity. (For your trivia file, the current estate tax is already the third reincarnation.)

History repeats.

What’s my answer to the estate tax dilemma?… A Crusade! And I mean a crusade to permanently destroy the impact of the estate tax. Sure, killing the estate tax by repeal is a great sounding political strategy. But it is based on capturing votes, not the real world.

Now Some Good News

The fact is we already know how to totally avoid the impact of the current estate tax law. Actually, we have known how to get around the estate tax — legally —for years. That’s what I have been preaching for two decades: in my tax columns, special reports, books and seminars. And now on this website. And yes, we practice what we preach when consulting with our real-life clients: we can and do legally sidestep the estate tax.

So, since the estate tax is—likely to be with us FOREVER,

… we must take matters into our own hands. But of course, only legally. This website is only the beginning of Irv’s Crusade. To take advantage of all the benefits of this website, you must…


Knowledge is power. With the right knowledge we know how to legally finesse the estate tax. This website starts your quest for the right knowledge. The knowledge that will show you step-by-step how to easily bypass the impact of the estate tax. The knowledge to get every dollar of your wealth to your family, with all taxes (if any) paid in full. The knowledge of how to control your wealth — including your business — to the day you die.

And the knowledge of how to create additional tax-free wealth.

And the knowledge of how to protect your wealth from creditors, lawsuits and even ex-spouses who divorce one of your family members.

But First You Must Become a Crusader

It’s easy to become a Crusader.

And you’ll love the benefits of becoming a Crusader. First and foremost, you will instantly become a member of this website.

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounts on…
    • Special reports
    • Books
    • Web teleseminars
    • Live seminars
    • Other modes of learning
  • Free special offers to…
    • Render a second opinion on your current estate plan
    • Analyze your existing insurance
    • Develop a tax-free education plan for your children and grandchildren
  • Receive a timely e-mail newsletter with the latest developments in all the areas covered on this website. Including…
    • New tax laws, with analysis and what to do
    • Traps to avoid
    • New strategies
    • Anything else necessary to help you…
      • eliminate the impact of the estate tax
      • protect your existing wealth and
      • create additional tax-free wealth

How To Become A Crusader

Simply order the Special Report, “Insider Secrets of How to Win the Estate Tax Business Succession Game… Every Time.” Just click here to order. By ordering the Special Report, in addition to all of the benefits listed above, you are entitled to a deep discount ($100) if you buy the manual/book, “Tax Secrets of the Wealthy.”

Free special report:

How to transfer your business (to your kids), yet keep control


When closely help with business owners call me for help with their business successions plan they typically have two goals:

- Get their business out their estate (particularly when it is growing in value) in a tax effective manner

- keep control for long as they live

it is a rare that the business owner finds an advisor who knows how to accomplish both goals.

this special report shows you how to keep absolute control of your business while transferring it to your successors.

Download Now!

Free Special Report:

How to legally eliminate your state tax liability


When people of means contact me to help do their estate plans (or review their existing plans), they typically have two goals concerning their estate tax:

- Reduce their potential estate tax liability

- Make sure there is enough liquidity to pay the potential estate tax liability

Well, my goal and the goal of this special report is to show you how to eliminate your potential estate tax liability whether you are young or old , married or single, insurable or uninsurable.

Download Now!

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