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Control your assets all of your life and transfer them forward with 0% tax

“Never thought it could be done! I control my business, but my son owns it, and no capital gains tax.” —B.M., Memphis

“I thought my estate plan was done. My advisors had reduced my potential estate tax from $5 million to $3.5 million. Irv Blackman and his team of professionals brought tax liability down to zero.” —H.G., Pennsylvania

“Incredible! My lawyers said it couldn’t be done, but I learned how to transfer my business [to his son] tax-free, yet keep control for as long as I live.” —C.D., Illinois

“My estate plan, which was redone after reading and implementing the wisdom in Tax Secrets of The Wealthy, does more than beat taxes. My plan actually creates additional wealth [from $9 million to $11 million] for my family.” —M.B., Missouri

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The most experienced tax expert in USA

20+ books, 40+ reports, 400+ speeches, 1000+ articles


I was a founding partner when Blackman Kallick Bartelstein, LLP, CPAs, one of the largest accounting firms in the country, was founded in 1962. Since then I've worked with hundred of clients on two main areas.

  • Estate planning. The System that I've developed with other professionals eliminates estate tax and in some cases creates significant amounts of additional wealth.
  • Business succession. The System allows you to stay in full control of your business as long as you live and move it to the successors of your choice.

abt2 During the 50+ years I've worked as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and lawyer, I've published books, reports, and articles to help people avoid the devastating affects of the tax law. I've also had the privilege to share the stage with some of the most sought-after speakers in the world, including President George Bush. The network of professionals I work with ranges from other lawyers to insurance experts. And when you work with me, you get the expertise of all of them. Having experts from all different areas makes the process run smoothly and creates the best possible outcomes.


Find out how you can control your assets (including your business) for your whole life and transfer them - down to the last cent - to your family.

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How to transfer your business (to your kids), yet keep control


When closely held business owners call me for help with their business succession plans they typically have two goals:

- Get their business out of their estate (particularly when it is growing in value) in a tax effective manner

- keep control for long as they live

It is rare that the business owner finds an advisor who knows how to accomplish both goals.

This special report shows you how to keep absolute control of your business while transferring it to your successors.

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How to legally eliminate your estate tax liability


When people of means contact me to help do their estate plans (or review their existing plans), they typically have two goals concerning their estate tax:

- Reduce their potential estate tax liability

- Make sure there is enough liquidity to pay the potential estate tax liability

Well, my goal and the goal of this special report is to show you how to eliminate your potential estate tax liability whether you are young or old, married or single, insurable or uninsurable.

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