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How to transfer your business (to your kids), yet keep control


When closely help with business owners call me for help with their business successions plan they typically have two goals:

- Get their business out their estate (particularly when it is growing in value) in a tax effective manner

- keep control for long as they live

it is a rare that the business owner finds an advisor who knows how to accomplish both goals.

this special report shows you how to keep absolute control of your business while transferring it to your successors.

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Free Special Report:

How to legally eliminate your state tax liability


When people of means contact me to help do their estate plans (or review their existing plans), they typically have two goals concerning their estate tax:

- Reduce their potential estate tax liability

- Make sure there is enough liquidity to pay the potential estate tax liability

Well, my goal and the goal of this special report is to show you how to eliminate your potential estate tax liability whether you are young or old , married or single, insurable or uninsurable.

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